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Total Depth Drilling, Inc ensures nondiscrimination in all programs and activities in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you need more information or special assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English Proficiency, contact Dana Hall President at our office 865-922-0557.  Tennessee Relay may also be contacted at 711 . Please advise on this if it becomes an issue.  
In all solicitations, either by competitive bidding or negotiations.  
Each potential subcontractor shall be notified of the contractors obligations List in each contract and regulations relative to nondiscrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability or low income. Total Depth Drilling, Inc. will include the necessary provision in every subcontract; including procurement of materials and leases of equipment, unless exempt by the Regulations, or directives issued pursuant thereto. 
In addition all Minority based business's will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, national origin in consideration for an award. 

Total Depth is A Certified SBE by state of Tennessee.
Total Depth Is Certified SWAM State of VA  # 686926

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Total Depth is a Certified TDOT Contractor. 

Total Depth Adheres to All Title VI Compliance including: USDOT1050.2a Appendix A and UDOT1050.2a Appendix E While performing all DOT Work for VA, NC, Tn, WVA and Ark.