Total Depth offers a variety of drilling services.  Some of these services are as follows:
Auger Drilling     2 1/4  up 6 5/8 augers ranging in depths from 50 -125 feet
Auger Sampling    Bulk Samples, Undisturbed samples, Dennison Sampler, SPT's, 
Hand Augering a DCP Hammer 
    ASTM Sampling Methods Performed Daily
Slope Inclinometer Installations
    Core Drilling     Exploratory Drilling capabilities has just expanded. We have added         a Vertical Longyear 38 with capabilities of coring to 1500 feet NQ.         We also have HQ, PQ and 6" coring capabilities.         We also do concrete and asphalt core samples.
NW and HW casing Advancers both are available. 
Environmental Drilling    Continuous Sampling, Piezometers installation, Well installations and well        Abandonment, Decon Equipment, Generators, and Water Trailers. 
Monitoring Well Installation
licensed in several states.
    Total Depth is committed to integrity, safety, quality and honesty.  We specialize in difficult jobs.  It is our goal to provide the best service for the best price. We require Safety training and every employee has completed 40 OSHA, 40 MSHA, Hazwhopper, 30 OSHA by Site supervisor, and Radcon II Training.